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"What's Next?" How do we find that happier place? In reality every person has a transitional time that they suffer through. Our fears, discomfort and uncertainty get in our way causing resistance and barriers, unable to do something better. Our willingness, faith, and commitment are key. When we choose to partner with the living, loving energy of our heart, we activate our hearts wisdom. I felt my own presence merge with this most powerful source of love and the discoveries utterly changed my life. My reason for sharing this is to provide guidance through transitional times and use innumerable ways to help create an excitement and a deeper meaning to "What's Next." I encourage you to take an adventurous discovery of the heart, through the precious tools of music, sound, color, movement, Yoga and nature. Be In Harmony With, "What's Next" Join us for this powerful experience. Personalized retreats and events are available in St. Petersburg and the Bay Area including Tampa, Sarasota and selected cities around the country.

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1 weeks ago
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Take this moment in

Take this moment in. Our days our filled with thoughts that affect our sense of comfort emotionally, mentally and physically. There are just so many messages coming in that I’m not sure how we compute them all. As I sit here, I’d like to share some of my thoughts.¬†Within each moment, sounds, noise and other […]

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January 9, 2017
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The Wind, A gust of wind

Is was not just a breeze, but a strong wind. As a gust of wind blows along the shore, its presence is maybe to awaken us to all of the interference, to adjust and move with the flow of the wind. A friend shared his story. He was crossing over the bridge in Florida, driving […]

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May 23, 2016

Look up, said the birds

Look up, said the birds. They were perched today on the ledge of the balcony where I was sitting having lunch. I could see them fly above me, free to see the world around me. They landed in front of my eyes. I asked the birds, “What is your message for me today?” I looked […]

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