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Heidi Cohen

Heidi Cohen is a dedicated holistic vibrational practitioner who cares for elders, grieving, aging, traumatized individuals and is a developing leader in healing programs. She is working with people in transition, baby boomers, retirees, and many other inspired souls globally helping them awaken to a surprisingly different way for their mind and bodies perception to change. As a facilitator and writer she seeks ways to help awaken people to the most powerful source, their heart and spirit in unity with the body and mind. She chooses to be a catalyst to what’s possible, transforming the fear and suffering in our mind, to a sweeter more comfort spot, a renewed presence of harmony.

There are people who are fearing what is happening in their world and perhaps they come here to discover different ways of healing. Through this sharing format, may we touch each others heart, bond, belong and connect. Welcome all.

Awaken to your hearts wisdom in Heidi new book coming soon.

Ageless Awakened Wisdom

Heidi Cohen

In Harmony with heart is a lifestyle choice, where we organize and provide programs, healing sessions, meditation recordings, discussions and retreats that respond to individuals in transition.
In harmony with heart is here because of the transitional changes happening in our lives and this is our time to participate, synchronizing the challenging energy into harmony. The intention is to capture a unique understanding, awakening to the process that contains and produces our minds feelings of fear and instability. Consider the courage it takes, and the willingness to release, restore and transform our experience and our memories. This respect is for ourselves, giving us the connection to feel empathy and compassion.
In harmony with heart believes that when we ignite ones heart, we tune into our own rhythm and wisdom, creating the presence of harmony.



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