In Harmony With Heart

In Harmony With Heart

In Harmony with heart is a holistic lifestyle choice to healthy, joyful living. It is a method to awaken yourself to the tune of your heart and its eternal wisdom. Your involvement is key. Through use of precious vibrational tools of sound and color meditations, yoga and nature you allow for deep healing to occur. You create the conditions for the energy and your perceptions to change, rising above the circumstance and into harmony.
Awaken to your hearts wisdom in Heidi new book coming soon.
Ageless Awakened Wisdom

Heidi Cohen’s is dedicated in seeking ways to help awaken people to the most powerful source, their heart, mind and spirit in unity. She chooses to be a catalyst to what’s possible, from the minds suffering, and into the experiential sweetness of happiness, curiosity and vitality. Heidi is a Holistic Practitioner of Vibrational therapies, including Yoga, Color and Sound Meditation.
She has studied under many great teachers and masters, Dr. Jean Houston, Yogi Bhajan, Jose Silva, Derek Rydall, and Carlos Castanada teachings.

She works with baby boomers, retirees and many other inspired souls globally helping them awaken to their true radiance.

Heidi Cohen


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