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Take this moment in

Take this moment in. Our days our filled with thoughts that affect our sense of comfort emotionally, mentally and physically. There are just so many messages coming in that I’m not sure how we compute them all. As I sit here, I’d like to share some of my thoughts. Within each moment, sounds, noise and other […]

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Speak Purely From Your Heart

Hello Everyone What is your heart’s wisdom? I have been asking many individuals of different ages, both male and female this question. Speaking purely from your heart, what is your hearts wisdom? What happens when you ask is you hear the voice of the angels and the heart just listens… Once I understood the important […]

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What’s new in your life today?

What is new in my life today? One of my spiritual guides had us focus on our natural state in alignment with light vibrations. Whenever you are aligning vibrationally with light remember nature and the sky as we rekindle the wonder and joy of Life! Feel the expansion in your heart, shine and illumine in […]

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Meditate With Me

Meditate with me Meditation, my whole premise has to do with igniting the heart with love, joy and harmony. The focus is the vibrations from the heart, receiving an infinite expression of love. My vision is to produce meditations taking place in natural surroundings, using a deep affinity with Mother Earth and gentle methods that transport […]

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  Easy Makeovers 1. Play – Grow like a child into a creative thinker, make crazy noises, play in the kitchen and make your creation, express your ideas on paper in color, blow bubbles, and my favorite is to look at the sky with rays of blue, the white puffy clouds and make up a […]

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I MEDITATE IN BURGUNDY/ WINE/DEEP RUBY AND MAROON I was wondering why this color always shows up in meditation even when I think it’s time to change colors. It shows up daily. I bring other colors into the meditations and still I see deep maroon red and burgundy or shall I say deep Cabernet. Maybe […]

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Sounds and it’s relationship to Turquoise

  SOUND AND TURQUOISE   Turquoise is the color of the 5th chakra and our energy center linked to the throat and thyroid gland. Turquoise is the transformation of consciousness, your communication and expression. Yesterday I decided to listen to the sounds and how they relate to my expression. I noticed the sounds listening to […]

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Coincidence? Or is what my heart is attracting?

Is this a coincidence? Who and what are you attracting in your daily life? It’s funny how some people call it coincidental, I say (“it’s the on purpose coming from the vibrations attracted by what you are asking for.”) Life feels more magnetic to what my thoughts and words are asking, as I am living […]

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