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The Wind, A gust of wind

Is was not just a breeze, but a strong wind. As a gust of wind blows along the shore, its presence is maybe to awaken us to all of the interference, to adjust and move with the flow of the wind. A friend shared his story. He was crossing over the bridge in Florida, driving […]

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What’s Next?

“WHAT’S NEXT?” As happiness moves in a circular motion, so does our natural cycles and the 4 seasons. What is our relationship we have to “what’s next”? Are we looking at a calendar or clock to see the time and day in order for us to plan what’s next? I have a friend who will […]

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Your Voice, In harmony with you

The other day, I ocasionally lifted my head while having dinner at the hotel and watching a basketball game, closed captioned. Words without the voice made me happier and as I jotted down some of these words, my voice was heard. The first words I read were, your voice. These words provided an honest conversation […]

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