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Speak Purely From Your Heart

Hello Everyone What is your heart’s wisdom? I have been asking many individuals of different ages, both male and female this question. Speaking purely from your heart, what is your hearts wisdom? What happens when you ask is you hear the voice of the angels and the heart just listens… Once I understood the important […]

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What’s new in your life today?

What is new in my life today? One of my spiritual guides had us focus on our natural state in alignment with light vibrations. Whenever you are aligning vibrationally with light remember nature and the sky as we rekindle the wonder and joy of Life! Feel the expansion in your heart, shine and illumine in […]

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Allowing the heart to ignite

Today I connect with nature. Being the instrument that’s playing the music with birds singing their song. Sitting in natures beauty flowers blooming love a glorious Japanese red maple dancing into the wind. Uprushes of joy like a magnet igniting my heart The joy that passes understanding!   Heidi Cohen provides transformational life coaching, seminars […]

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