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The Wind, A gust of wind

Is was not just a breeze, but a strong wind. As a gust of wind blows along the shore, its presence is maybe to awaken us to all of the interference, to adjust and move with the flow of the wind. A friend shared his story. He was crossing over the bridge in Florida, driving […]

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  MY FRIENDS   Authentic and real Filled with the consciousness of love The hearts infinite vibration Theres not a word description but the joyous moments that ignite my heart A heartbeat of love   I couldn’t imagine life without friends I am wild about my animal friends They are my teachers who sing their messages […]

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I MEDITATE IN BURGUNDY/ WINE/DEEP RUBY AND MAROON I was wondering why this color always shows up in meditation even when I think it’s time to change colors. It shows up daily. I bring other colors into the meditations and still I see deep maroon red and burgundy or shall I say deep Cabernet. Maybe […]

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