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Your Voice, In harmony with you

The other day, I ocasionally lifted my head while having dinner at the hotel and watching a basketball game, closed captioned. Words without the voice made me happier and as I jotted down some of these words, my voice was heard. The first words I read were, your voice. These words provided an honest conversation […]

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What’s new in your life today?

What is new in my life today? One of my spiritual guides had us focus on our natural state in alignment with light vibrations. Whenever you are aligning vibrationally with light remember nature and the sky as we rekindle the wonder and joy of Life! Feel the expansion in your heart, shine and illumine in […]

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  MY FRIENDS   Authentic and real Filled with the consciousness of love The hearts infinite vibration Theres not a word description but the joyous moments that ignite my heart A heartbeat of love   I couldn’t imagine life without friends I am wild about my animal friends They are my teachers who sing their messages […]

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