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When friends Speak, listen!

My dear friend clearly spoke the words from her heart. She wasn’t sure if she fit in our circle anymore. We all listened to her sincerity and love. We felt the commotion and our devotion to our special dear friend who we support and love.    Friends to me are authentic and real, filled with […]

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What’s new in your life today?

What is new in my life today? One of my spiritual guides had us focus on our natural state in alignment with light vibrations. Whenever you are aligning vibrationally with light remember nature and the sky as we rekindle the wonder and joy of Life! Feel the expansion in your heart, shine and illumine in […]

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  Easy Makeovers 1. Play – Grow like a child into a creative thinker, make crazy noises, play in the kitchen and make your creation, express your ideas on paper in color, blow bubbles, and my favorite is to look at the sky with rays of blue, the white puffy clouds and make up a […]

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Coincidence? Or is what my heart is attracting?

Is this a coincidence? Who and what are you attracting in your daily life? It’s funny how some people call it coincidental, I say (“it’s the on purpose coming from the vibrations attracted by what you are asking for.”) Life feels more magnetic to what my thoughts and words are asking, as I am living […]

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