Coincidence? Or is what my heart is attracting?

Leading ladies luncheonIs this a coincidence?

Who and what are you attracting in your daily life?

It’s funny how some people call it coincidental, I say (“it’s the on purpose coming from the vibrations attracted by what you are asking for.”) Life feels more magnetic to what my thoughts and words are asking, as I am living more and more mindful. I then observe myself manifesting all these miracles. Things begin to flow to me through vibrations on a heightened frequency. Even in my daily meditating the inspiration and expression are illuminated.

Life’s moments have been glorious.

I’ve been recently a writing meditation series for a seminar of Our Beauty Inside and Out and coaching using color therapy as a focus. I was looking for some meditative sounds and music to accompany the meditations. One week later I was invited to a ladies luncheon. Nice break from all the editing and all the days of re-recording the meditation sounds. Back to the luncheon, I sat at a table only knowing the woman to my right who invited me. This was a ladies organization that funds the education for children to learn and study theatrical arts from elementary school through high school. Sitting to my left was the mother of a beautiful young woman who was graduating from high school. She was performing for us today. Her mom was sitting at our table to my left next to her daughter. Her voice was magical, she won many awards in voice, acting and dance. Wow! I had to ask mom about her own gifts and talents. She shared that she was a minister who sings and rights music with more meditative sounds. In fact she currently wrote music for her friend who is a yoga instructor. We exchanged contact information looking forward to meeting soon and how she may be able help with my meditations. After the lunch, my partner from Our Beauty program discussed more opportunities in presenting our program of Our Beauty Inside and out. My thought was to contact a friend of mine and a client of hers who is involved in many charity functions. I later went home and read this “Color is related to drama of vision. Color can make our vision come alive with variety and vibrancy. Color allows us to see the rainbows in light, and gives us a chance to dance.” Was this a coincidence or exactly what I would want to know after experiencing her magnificent voice with such passion a few hours after lunch? Later that evening I was invited to a pool party from the friend who is involved in all the charity events. Went to the party and she was announcing to all her friends, Heidi is the one who has Spiritual Retreats, looking forward to the next one on the calendar. More gifts or is this another coincidence? More and more evidence of manifesting through this high vibration of love.

Your turn, what are you attracting?

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