Do we truly understand Texts?

Do we understand text messages?

I’ve been texted and texted since my mothers passing with many asking me how I feel. What does that really mean? What is it they are really asking?

What is it we meant to say that others interpret? What we text and what we think, can be in two very different things.
When are message is sent by the magic of intention it can be better understood, so we may have to give examples. Recognize that a text does not have a tone, body language or a voice. Be aware of possible confusion. When we text with full intention, we can expand the reference points, the recipient may even want to know if you are serious or just kidding.
The reception is actually the meeting of words, from where ones mind is focused. There are always things we are not noticing, so examples can make the words reflect our intent. So when we realize that it is received by another’s mind, let it go. Notice how unlimited our creative intelligence can be, and the cyclical movement thats powered by sharing. It’s challenging enough to read and filter a discussion in text. We don’t even know what we’ve missed, and being brief doesn’t mean that someone will get it or know what it means. We often react before we can relate to it. Text must include intention, because disasters can happen when don’t understand the message.

It is very interesting how differently we communicate a feeling or an idea, and we believe it’s understandable, conveying the true meaning. What if its not, what if the actual meaning only belongs to imagination of the receiver.
So in the bigger picture, what occurs around us and how we react or respond is simply provided by the way we understand ourselves.
I was at a lunch and learn today with the Rabbi’s wife and in the discussion we spoke about being selfish and selfless. Interesting how many people gave selfishness a negative connotation. Many saw it as a person who gave to themselves first, out of a need to fix something that they were suffering from. They used a massage as an example. Others had said, they had to give to themselves in order to share, or it was just time to take care of me. I loved the comment of our leader. What if we understood we, we are we. We are taking care of ourselves when we realize we are we. When we feel and reflect as we, its a self evaluation.
When we speak our words as we, then the signals are amplified from our heart.

Tune In and consciously set an intention.
Let us pause for just a few moments, feeling our intention meeting our heart, uniting as we. Our words will be spoken or the text message would pulse our intention, beyond the duality in the mind.
We could then enjoy the rhythm and flow of our heart and effectively experience the signals and sound. A useful tool is to pause and tune in.

When I walk outside and look at the sky, rain or shine, it doesn’t matter. I pause to appreciate Gods painting, to witness the sky changing, the clouds moving and time as motion. I then tune into what’s beautiful, tuning to my heart. It’s a subtle awareness and an experiential understanding of my physical body uniting with my spiritual heart. We are we, we are love.


Heidi Cohen

In Harmony with Heart


I am choosing to be a catalyst to what’s possible, shifting the feelings of fear and suffering, into a sweeter, comfort spot, for the experiential pleasures of harmony, curiosity and into a renewed presence in living. I am working with people in transition, baby boomers, retirees and many other ageless inspired souls globally, helping them awaken to the presence of harmony.

Heidi Cohen provides transformational vibrational practices using movement, sound and color therapies. She facilitates spiritual retreats and meditative healing sessions to radiate and embody the presence balance, comfort and harmony. She is in downtown St. Petersburg, Clearwater, and the Tampa Bay area and travels to selected cities around the country.
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  1. says:

    I am in total agreement, Heidi. We truly Are “WE.” I am delving deeper into caring for myself and improving my wellbeing so that I can be all that is necessary for others. It is not about selfishness…it is about learning to love and have compassion for myself, thereby extending that same love and compassion to others. I am learning to literally “listen” to my own heart so that I may transform with grace and dignity.

    What I know to be true is the Universe Is entirely supporting me. Texting is a fairly new form of communication. Personal messages are difficult to discern via texts. If we have something important or pertinent to a particular topic with the other, then I believe we must be in touch in possibly an email, a hand written note, or a call if not in person. Tone and presentation are vital communication tools if we want to “get it right.”

    I continue to send you loving thoughts and blessings dear sister. 🌸💕

    • says:

      Thanks dear soul sister. Love your reply and that you are filling you with compassion and love. My hope is to remain sincere in my words, planted in my heart and from love and care, continue to share. I love your handwritten notes and cards. I always look forward to reading them. There are not as many people sending notes in the mail anymore. Love and blessings in harmony with my heart ❤️

  2. says:

    Al Nixon
    Sometimes, it’s easy to hide your emotions and temperament in text correspondence. For example, you have no idea of what my demeanor is when you read this. People communicate exponentially more via text v. Call. Notice so many people are lonely, even married people? There’s a huge void in humanity’s interconnection with each other. Text should be used as a backup form of communication when a phone call is impractical or inconvenient but unfortunately it has become society’s primary mode of thought excange.


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