I was wondering why this color always shows up in meditation even when I think it’s time to change colors. It shows up daily. I bring other colors into the meditations and still I see deep maroon red and burgundy or shall I say deep Cabernet. Maybe too much red wine in my diet or maybe the message is “I enjoy red wine”. I researched the color as I am in the process of becoming a color therapist, practitioner/expert. Hmm, what is my message and what is the meaning of this color that is in my daily vision.

Other colors that also show in my life since childhood and through meditating are violet and green. Green helps red to find balance on the physical, material level.
Aha! Grapes are green and deep red. Deep ruby red guides us to slow down and smell the roses.

Red the SOUL SPIRIT color incarnating Spirit into matter, vibrating inner connection, the inner self. Attuning to the goodness on the inside, to begin, start and take the first step to manifest our Souls purpose.
HUMM! Sounds very similar to In Harmony With Heart’s mission and my transformational coaching practice of igniting hearts, activating through the senses, so to become fully alive, living with creativity and purpose, and completely share their love and wisdom with the world.

Signs, Signs Everywhere are Signs!

The color of Red is the color of energy, passion and motivates us to take action.

Next I researched the MENTAL BODY MEANING of Red, my version of Red. This ruby color as the first visible ray to Emerge. Red awakens our physical life force. It also demonstrates the balance of having personal strength promoting ambition.
Balanced yes, and Emerge!
I meditate to an Emergineering vibrational meditation daily. More Signs!

Burgundy/wine/deep ruby and maroon show us a controlled and more thoughtful action, not as dramatic as red. Burgundy a dark purplish red is more sophisticated and serious, with determined ambition and defined action. Burgundy moves us in the spirit body with honor, creating justice with high ideals.

Red is our link with Mother Earth. This is where we deeply connect to nature, the safety and grounding in her very core. It is where Mother Earth feeds us life force energy, filled with richness and abundance.

Next I move deeper in the SPIRITUAL MEANING of RED
The Spirit of Life…
the Devine Spark in our Soul.
It is the inner fire that creates the first desire to ‘incarne’ on this Earth… in our body…now!

Wow! Very interesting! Signs.

What color fills you? Do you meditate in color?

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