Easy Makeovers

1. Play – Grow like a child into a creative thinker, make crazy noises, play in the kitchen and make your creation, express your ideas on paper in color, blow bubbles, and my favorite is to look at the sky with rays of blue, the white puffy clouds and make up a story or find pictures in the sky.

2. Share Memorable Melodies- Reawaken to different time in your life using all your senses. What music was playing?  Where you listening to it? Were you listening to jazz with Louie Armstrong, the Grateful Dead, Beatles, Bach or Mozart or were you into country? My memories of the 70’s came to me in New York this past trip with my friends and family where I grew up. The Beatles with Got To Get You Into My Life.  A pretty crazy time with my Friends. Found out, You Don’t Bring Me Flowers was actually a remix of two different versions done by Neil Diamond and Barbara Streisand and Gary Guthrie spliced them together as a gift for his wife. I did not know that. Remember dancing to Night Fever, If I Can’t Have You and Stayin Alive. Sharing our lives together in the 70’s then going to my high school reunion this past July 2014 was like living past, present and future symotaniously.   Share your memories with music and Ignite each others hearts.

3. Feel Good- Connect with a friend. Eat your favorite food or one from your past that brings you happiness. Mine would have to be fresh local bagels, smoked nova, smear  of cream cheese, sliced tomato and red onion.  OK, in the evening it would change to sea scallops caramelized over risotto and add a beautiful glass of red Wine with a special friend to share this with.

4. Adventure- Take a special day trip and do something fun that feels like pure joy, light, colorful and yummy. Smell the flowers, watch the sunset and Be You! Exercise those senses today!

5. Create- Write a poem, put your words on paper, share a great story or color and paint .
Remember- Age is not older unless your Cheese and Wine!

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