Look up, said the birds

imageLook up, said the birds.

They were perched today on the ledge of the balcony where I was sitting having lunch. I could see them fly above me, free to see the world around me.
They landed in front of my eyes.
I asked the birds, “What is your message for me today?”
I looked up as they flew into the sky, landing in the same spot on the ledge.
As I gazed up, watching the birds and looking at the sky, I heard, look up, there is so much more to see.
Look up, into her eyes and see the greater communication.
Look up, and see the green colors of the  trees. 
Look up to perceive the world anew.
Look up, to the light of the sunshine casting its magnificent glow upon the water. Look up, to the smiles, in this theater of infinite awakenings.
Look up again, to ultimately dream.

Heidi Cohen

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