Meditate With Me

Meditate with me

Meditation, my whole premise has to do with igniting the heart with love, joy and harmony.

The focus is the vibrations from the heart, receiving an infinite expression of love.

My vision is to produce meditations taking place in natural surroundings, using a deep affinity with Mother Earth and gentle methods that transport you back to the harmonious balance of the heart with love.

The Harmonic Meditations will be guided as musical harmony, so just listen to the beautiful songs along with a rainbow of colors and light, your sensitivity to nature, your chakra energy centers and connecting within.

Orchestrate these words and sound as an artistic synthesis of beauty, harmony and inspiration.

While life is busy, you can sit down deep in a grassy area or a comfortable chair and indulge in the vibrations that ignite your heart.

In Harmony With Hearts Harmonic Meditations. Coming soon, in the recording process.

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Illuminate your heart with love!

Blessings, love and harmony with heart,


Heidi Cohen provides transformational life coaching, spiritual retreats and self empowerment techniques and meditations created to radiate and embody the vibrations of love and harmony in Clearwater, and the Tampa Bay area as well as in selected cities around the country.

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