Authentic and real
Filled with the consciousness of love
The hearts infinite vibration
Theres not a word description but the joyous moments that ignite my heart
A heartbeat of love
I couldn’t imagine life without friends
I am wild about my animal friends
They are my teachers who sing their messages
I am wild about my circle of friends
They give me love and expression to dance
They release meaning to the simplicity of life
I am wild about my spiritual friends
They are my guides to Harmony and Peace
Loves magic is filled with wonder
I am wild about the caterpillars progression
Reflecting many aspects of life
Awakening to butter-fly…
Once you realize the light that friends contain
The essence of LOVE gets Better and Better
© by Heidi Cohen 
     August 2014

Heidi Cohen provides transformational life coaching, spiritual retreats and self empowerment techniques and meditations created to radiate and embody the vibrations of love and harmony in Clearwater, and the Tampa Bay area as well as in selected cities around the country.

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  1. says:

    Hi Sweet’ums, This is a beautiful poem and with your permission, I would love to do a screen shot so I could have it and possibly do it for my class of creative people.
    You are loved


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