Hope, Tuesday at the Neuro ICU



If you’ve had even a glimpse of hope, deep belief, faith and courage,
they will bring us to a neutral place, and still knowing that this moment has the ability to change, positively and negatively.
Awareness seems to fill this moment with meaning and comfort.
So what happens when the awareness wears off and doesn’t stay? Does the faith change, does negativity take over? I’ve been engaged in daily meditative practice, visualizing my mothers smile, praying and communicating with angels, my grandmother, and dad. Daily family and friends connect with our hearts and still the moment continues to change.
I continue to pray with deep compassion for everyone here in the ICU.
I just remembered as I was feeling it, to be compassionate to me.
Thank you for the awakening that continues to flow,
because sometimes we are just asleep and miss the signals.
Then an awareness happens again.
The sky was a little gray this morning, yet the sun was trying to peek through like a peep of light. When we allow the light to be felt, we can be the lightness of whats possible.
The discovery that completely transforms me today
is an awakening to our Divine presence, tapping into my heart consciousness and into a gentle spiritual consciousness.
I dwell in God. I feel the God in another, and the namaste has such true meaning.
Phone calls have been challenging today because words are not where my heart and soul are.
I keep jumping in and out of space and time.
Time has little meaning except to know when docs are doing their rounds.
Food seems to be comforting and I am discovering some great cafes with clean food. Thank goodness. We just came back from breakfast and mom is quietly, resting as we watch and wait for the universe to hold her heart
and to heal her brain.
My heart knows to awaken her sleeping brain, her cells must not communicate shock, they must experience a state of peace and harmony.
We must let the brain rest, and sleep.
I am holding the hope for her brain cells to let go of the shock and suffering
so that her healing can happen. I bring my hands to my heart intentionally sending love, courage for her and all of those here.
Perhaps for all to feel the comfort, compassion and love.
There are blue dressed human angels here that come together with an intention to truly heal. Gratitude is now just a word, because they have gone beyond their own knowledge of healing.
I am really having a difficult time using language to describe their offering
to human healing. Looking in the direction of light I realize the love we receive, and the truth about life.
Is mom waiting to heal or is she waiting for God and the angels guidance? Feeling the love, I must rest my mind.
In Gods loving grace, may healing happen.


Heidi Cohen
In Harmony with Heart


I am choosing to be a catalyst to what’s possible, shifting the feelings of fear and suffering, into a sweeter, comfort spot, for the experiential pleasures of harmony, curiosity and into a renewed presence in living. I am working with people in transition, baby boomers, retirees and many other ageless inspired souls globally, helping them awaken to the presence of harmony.

Heidi Cohen provides transformational vibrational practices using movement, sound and color therapies. She facilitates spiritual retreats and meditative healing sessions to radiate and embody the presence balance, comfort and harmony. She is in downtown St. Petersburg, Clearwater, and the Tampa Bay area and travels to selected cities around the country.
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  1. says:

    Your words are so raw & speak such truths. I’m so glad our paths crossed.; I was honored to care for your mom – she has a beautiful soul- I continue to pray for her daily-❤️

    One of the blue dressed angels
    Lisa Keller

  2. says:

    You too are an Angel weaving all of the many experiences into a harmonious whole: the ups, the downs, and everything in between.

    Bless you Heidi
    Heidi M

    • says:

      Beaming with love, I feel all your hearts thumping as one. Miracles are sent from my heart to yours and your moms like a thunderbolt of love.

  3. says:

    Thinking of you and your beautiful Mother’s smile. Praying for her healing with love and light and for your mind to rest while Gods healing Angels work their magic. Namaste’.


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