The Wind, A gust of wind

Is was not just a breeze, but a strong wind.

As a gust of wind blows along the shore, its presence is maybe to awaken us to all of the interference, to adjust and move with the flow of the wind.

A friend shared his story. He was crossing over the bridge in Florida, driving a rental car. He told himself, I should talk to my wife, call her and tell her I’m on the way and then a loud ‘No’ happened in his head. No, I should drive with both hands on the wheel in case there is a gust of wind crossing the bridge. He paused in order to pay attention. Just as the thought came, a huge gust of wind, a destabilizing force hit him, swaying the vehicle at the top of the bridge.  In that moment, he had to take action, carefully experiencing the wind, giving fewer opportunities to become unstable and then thanking God for his safety.

The funny part was, there were no other gusts of wind on that trip and once he decided to travel with the flow of the wind, it was very easy to understand the conflicting powers of his wants and needs.
He made it clear that his need was to create a safe arrival home to his wife and he payed attention, awake to the communication around him. The need was to get home and for them to share their love. The want was a phone call that he really didn’t need to make.

 I believe the feeling of instability is individual and it can become a fear that is meant for us to pay attention to, listening to hear and feel the changing process communicating within us.

As my husband Charles quotes,

“Life is about meeting your needs, not your wants. And everybody needs love.”
Charles Barocas

The love was passed from his heart to his soul spirit and sent forward as we are supposed to love, contagiously. The want became something he already had. As he was traveling, he awakened to his love and he was being this love. The wind was the messenger.

Heidi Cohen
In harmony with heart

I am choosing to be a catalyst to what’s possible, shifting the feelings of fear and suffering, into a sweeter, comfort spot, the experiential pleasures of love, curiosity and into a renewed presence in living. I am working with people in transition, baby boomers, retirees and many other ageless inspired souls globally, helping them awaken to the presence of harmony.

Heidi Cohen provides transformational vibrational  practices using movement, sound and color. She facilitates spiritual retreats and healing sessions including meditations created to radiate and embody the presence love and harmony. She is in downtown St. Petersburg, Clearwater, and the Tampa Bay area and travels to selected cities around the country.
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