Sounds and it’s relationship to Turquoise


SOUND AND TURQUOISE   Turquoise is the color of the 5th chakra and our energy center linked to the
throat and thyroid gland. Turquoise is the transformation of consciousness, your communication and expression.
Yesterday I decided to listen to the sounds and how they relate to my expression. I noticed the sounds listening to the birds
chirping, the wind strengthening before the storm, the rain falling, the voices of friends expressing joy and pride.
Then it was time to pay attention to how the sounds feel. There was thunder, joy, laughter and music.

Sound relates to our self expression, our speech, communication and the ability to communicate.
Turquoise allows the freedom to express our creativity and our passions. When the 5th chakra feels constricted,
we need to let go of the fear and stand up for what we believe in. This is why today I looked at the turquoise
and its relationship to sound. The color is related to the harmony which is born in our heart and how it purifies
and delivers our expression and sounds.

Do you hear the wind, the rain storm, the cars traveling past you or are you listening to the thunder while watching
TV or  Radio? My voice had changed many times today from speaking softly, loving and grateful to excited and louder with
splendid joy to be with my friends. My voice became louder speaking over the live music at the restaurant.
What ways are you expressing with the sounds of your voice today? What sounds do you enjoy making or listening to?
Laugh and make others laugh. We were listening to the sounds of laughter and the vibrations they make.
They were deep belly laughs expressing our humor where we almost cried.  My friend shared the simplicity of laughter
and that her and her husband practice laughing everyday. The feeling of happiness is relatively easy when we laugh
and that it requires nothing more than you to show up.

I was paying  special attention to the throat area and see if there was anything there that needs to be expressed or any constrictions.
Another friend in CA shared how she practices letting go by making the sound  ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… in the morning.
Stretching the body with expression of sound and releasing tension or muscle tightness. We practiced this for a mini retreat we did together. We stretched then listened to how incredibly powerful sound and expression are and how the
sound affects your other senses?

Turquoise, enhancing your ability to imagine and express yourself.  The sounds sending vibrational waves that
can be felt throughout our body. It was a full moon last night and wanted to dance with the light of the moon.
We listened to the beautiful sounds of music and  how sound impacts our hearts and the freedom to express.

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