Speak Purely From Your Heart


Hello Everyone

What is your heart’s wisdom?

I have been asking many individuals of different ages, both male and female this question.

Speaking purely from your heart, what is your hearts wisdom?

What happens when you ask is you hear the voice of the angels and the heart just listens… Once I understood the important meanings from each perspective coming, my heart required more space to embrace more love. With a trust in humanity, I’ve been blessed with these beautiful gifts of love that will be shared with you and me in my upcoming book, Ageless Awakened Wisdom.

If you would like to share your hearts wisdom, I would only need your age and male or female.  Some have arrived in paragraphs and others in just a few profound words.

Please gift us your heart’s wisdom 


Age 79 female

Simple Delight! The feeling of Delight lifts my day in  pure happiness. Discover Delight!



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Blessings, love, in harmony with heart,


Heidi Cohen provides transformational life coaching, spiritual retreats and self empowerment techniques and meditations created to radiate and embody the vibrations of love and harmony in  Downtown St. Petersburg, Clearwater, and the Tampa Bay area as well as in selected cities around the country.
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