Take this moment in

Take this moment in.

Our days our filled with thoughts that affect our sense of comfort emotionally, mentally and physically.
There are just so many messages coming in that I’m not
sure how we compute them all. As I sit here,
I’d like to share some of my thoughts. Within each moment,
sounds, noise and other distractions take place,
moving the messages far away from us and
us away from this present moment.
That is why I ask this question.

Why not take this moment in?

It will never come again.
Is there a thought or feeling that is not worthy of acknowlement?

See if you can acknowledge this moment
and the thoughts that create  judgement.
Feel the feeling, the good and the bad.
We often add discomfort to this powerful feeling
by talking to ourselves or to another about these feelings.
We then find ourself sinking lower from our response
and the frightening future we’ve created.

The subconscious is our storage container of memory
and these thoughts often contain these past experiences.
The past can only exist in the present when we acknowledge it,
confirm it and remember it.

We’ve been conditioned to react to our thoughts, analyzing
and judging what they mean.
What if we do not have change the thoughts,
just acknowledge them.
As we become present in this moment
to ourselves, we create an action of a loving possibility.
This possibility exists in this present moment
and supports the next moment.

It has become necessary for us to provide a natural state of balance.
What is a natural state of balance?
It is a self-created state of comfort and harmony.
This is why welcoming ourselves to this moment is necessary,
for by acknowledging you in this moment,
you can maintain a conscious state that gently receives
the feeling of balance and harmony.

Let us feel this moment with one blessing after another.
The comforting feeling then becomes real and assessable
when we know how.

If you can feel the importance of harmony and balance,
welcome yourself to this moment. Say hello to yourself,
and add a soft smile to your face.
Feel the energy climb to your heart. As you welcome yourself back
to your heart, infinite ways to communicate become possible.

Within the first week of practice, the stress dissipates and the acknowledgment of thought becomes a self created
comfortable interaction. We gain a peaceful momentum,
empowered by personally experiencing the moment.

Our role is to create comfort, when we realize
the source of our own comfort is within our heart and souls intelligence,
then we can communicate and unite with its power.
It will make this moment have a loving possibility
and that may seem difficult to comprehend because
we are so used to listening to our conditioned mind.
The feelings of comfort can be understood as a divine order of harmony.

So, if you have a desire to feel more comfortable,
than know that the change begins when we genuinely welcome
ourselves back to our heart in this moment.

I would like to welcome you to participate in harmonious healing.
Our upcoming events will be scheduled on the calendar at


From Our Heart to our Tongue
Saturday May 20th at 4:00pm EST –
Unwinding Astrology & a Unique Wine Meditation

June- Part 2 From Our Heart to our Tongue
Meditation, Astrology and creating comfort
Thursday June 15th at 6:00pm EST


Heidi Cohen

In Harmony with Heart

I am choosing to be a catalyst to what’s possible, shifting the feelings of fear and suffering, into a sweeter, comfort spot, for the experiential pleasures of harmony, curiosity and into a renewed presence in living. I am working with people in transition, baby boomers, retirees and many other ageless inspired souls globally, helping them awaken to the presence of harmony.

Heidi Cohen provides transformational vibrational practices using movement, sound and color therapies. She facilitates spiritual retreats and meditative healing sessions to radiate and embody the presence balance, comfort and harmony. She is in downtown St. Petersburg, Clearwater, and the Tampa Bay area and travels to selected cities around the country.
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  1. says:

    I am appreciating not listening to all that news because the robins outside are calling me to listen to their full throat-ed song.
    Also the spring flowers are beaming their last radiance before they say good bye.
    Thank you for your lovely contributions to our inner listening Heidi.
    Heidi M

    • says:

      Thank you Heidi. As I meditated this morning the doves sang and I knew they purposely came for me to hear them. My heart is connecting to you and cant wait to reconnect with JH again. I’m missing you all right now.


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