The Gift of Laughter




The gift of Laughter

A close friend of mine came to visit yesterday unexpectedly and gave me these 2 huge gifts. They were both messages from her mom who was in her 90’s when she recently passed.
The first gift was        “Find more ways to laugh, more joke telling, laughing with deep joy.”

“Laughter creates a certain feeling that effects how we live and has the most wonderful healing from within. We laugh when we are tired knowing it wakes us up our heart and our senses. We laugh when we cook at the smells and fun we have in creating the meal.”

Her mom lost both her mother and father in war and learned about laughter and love when she had to raise her younger brother. Children laugh at everything, I recently read that children laugh over 60 times a day.

My friend shared the simplicity in laughter and that her and her husband practice laughing everyday. The feeling of happiness is relatively easy when we laugh and that it requires nothing more than you.

She said, “the passion for each other is heightened by laughing and we are celebrating our 30th year together.”
I sat down to write down these precious gifts.

My husband and I watched Billy Crystal’s 700 Sundays on HBO the other night and laughed for hours. It was so touching and funny. We related t so much as he comically shared his life. If you haven’t seen it, you should. One of those you can see over and over and keep laughing.  Laughter ignites the heart.

The second gift was:

“Every day is a good day. Every day is beautiful even when your mind is interpreting it different, it’s only inside you.”

Happiness is the food of your soul! Living (in harmony with heart!)

 It felt like a yogi came to my home. This was the teachings from her mom which were then passed to me and now to you.

Share your laughter.


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  1. says:

    Do you hear the laughter?
    This is an exercise some friends and I did together.
    Take notice to the sounds your hear today. Pay attention to where your attention from these sound go. Do you hear the birds or the wind or music? Do you hear comedy or a story? What kind of voice do you have? What sounds do you enjoy making and listening to?

    Pay special attention to your throat area today and see if there is anything there that needs to be expressed. If need be write it down, or better yet record it on your phone (there’s a recording app on my iphone)
    Simply share it with a friend or loved one you trust. Maybe its just a sound…I’m saying ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this morning. The sound is incredibly powerful!
    How does the addition of sound affect your other senses? Sounds are vibrations felt in our body. Does your breath or movment change with addition of sound? Laugh today, listen to sounds and see how sound impacts all the other senses.
    Share how this impacts you?


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