What is life, age and love if not disturbed by living?

Today is my cousins 70th birthday and many discoveries are arising from his heart. This is a time when all structures in life which hold no meaning,
no love and intergrity will fall like unhealthy leaves on a tree.

 This is a special time to realize and wake-up to  our-selves by freeing all the why’s in our mind. What may appear is everything changing from this new sense of me.

” Everybody grows old, very few people grow up. Aging is one thing, growing up another. What is the meaning of growing up? Taking all the responsibility, good and bad– whatssoever happens to you, you are responsible for it.” ~Osho

Your relationship to you may unfold a new truth. Utilize nature and the seasonal patterns on the tree as a reawakening to what is most interesting in you.
Are you full of life, reflecting life, or the driftwood full of memories?

What is life, age and love if not disturbed by living?

Blessings in harmony with heart!


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Blessings, love and harmony with heart,

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