What’s new in your life today?

Light and new

What is new in my life today? One of my spiritual guides had us focus on our natural state in alignment with light vibrations.
Whenever you are aligning vibrationally with light remember nature and the sky as we rekindle the wonder and joy of Life!
Feel the expansion in your heart, shine and illumine in this light and then share and celebrate this light with others. This light becomes magnified and sets each other free.
So I used this guidance today.

I came to the beach to find my words, what I’m trying to express.
Walking on the beach is my time to connect within. So I will take a walk and feel my feet in the warm water talking to the birds.
The stalk and pelicans were walking with me, guiding my direction, greeting me with love. There were stalks, egrets osprey some pelicans
all joining in this vibration, singing harmoniously. My words become silent as I hear messages of new beginnings. There is a spiritual birthing taking place with light and patterns,
light frequency colors as doorways of new ideas, of consciousness, of friendships.
I am listening to the infinite wisdom of my friends. What ideas, thoughts and new creativity can come from this walk with my bird friends?
All of a sudden they guided me to stillness and to sit and meditate with them. They all showed up with many speakers as if there was a conference and
we were all told to be there today for this is where we need to be for Spirit’s plan.
What is new in my life today? The words I hear are new beginnings, new relationships, creativity, light patterns of the unknown, new, new, new…

I openly focus this day with love, nature and eagerly anticipate new friendships. My heart is open with spiritual and emotional insights
with more clarity.
 I will rest in this awareness. Embodying this natural state, this vibration of stillness, attracting new.

While life is busy sit, walk or start a yoga class and indulge in the vibrations that ignite your heart. New vibrations.
In Harmony With Hearts Harmonic Meditations. Coming soon, in the recording process.
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Illuminate your heart with love!
Blessings, love and harmony with heart,

Heidi Cohen provides transformational life coaching, spiritual retreats and self empowerment techniques and meditations created to radiate and embody the vibrations of love and harmony in Clearwater, and the Tampa Bay area as well as in selected cities around the country.
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  1. says:

    Today, I started writting the outline for my book. Finally!

    • says:

      Thanks for your inspiration. I have been rewriting mine. Maybe I just keep adding to it.
      Blessings in harmony with heart,

  2. says:

    Thanks for sharing those thoughts. It put me in a good mood.


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