What’s Next, when you’re more beautiful than you know?


What’s Next? Inspired by the beautiful Pelicans

When you are more beautiful than you know, it is you reflecting the self expression of your heart. We have all been fashioned for the greater expression of our outer beauty. Now it is time to see “what’s next” and embody your beauty inside and out. These grand powerful Pelicans are guiding us, inspiring us to share our radiance.  They activate the powerful connection to our heart.

What’s next?, when you are more beautiful than you know!

If your beauty glows from the inside out, what is most visible is you. The beautiful painting of Pelicans, by Alex Beard reminds me of how grand and luminous the birds are. Living here in Florida, I see my beautiful friends almost daily.

Discover beyond what you see. In this month of March we are in the positive polarity of a prevailing wind. What that means is use that beautiful smile to connect to new friendships, joy and creativity. This is the perfect time to be you at what ever age you are!!

“The Pelicans of Blue Bayou”

Current new works by Alex Beard Studio


608 Julia Street

New Orleans, LA 70130


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