What’s Next?


As happiness moves in a circular motion, so does our natural cycles and the 4 seasons. What is our relationship we have to “what’s next”? Are we looking at a calendar or clock to see the time and day in order for us to plan what’s next? I have a friend who will say, if it’s on the calendar, it becomes an appointment and it gets done. This is what we were taught to do.
I would love to take you away for a few moments from all that we were taught about time and calendar scheduling.
Can we seperate ourselves from the manmade meaning of accelerated time, from both the calendars and the clock?

What if all that is possible exists in timelessness, in the light that ignites our heart. Imagine timelessness as the awakening moments of our hearts wisdom. When we feel that essence of light in the “Oh, I got it, Ah ha moments” a light is illumined from our heart. Our heart has guided us to expand into the timeless wisdom of of “what’s next” by generating the light from within. When we are synced to the hearts powerful essence, we become receptive to harmonies and sychronicities of happiness, love and the ripening to “What’s next”.

Can you share your heart’s wisdom? “What’s next” from the light that ignites your heart?


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