When friends Speak, listen!


My dear friend clearly spoke the words from her heart. She wasn’t sure if she fit in our circle anymore. We all listened to her sincerity and love.

We felt the commotion and our devotion to our special dear friend who we support and love. 


Friends to me are authentic and real,

filled with the consciousness of joy

Their hearts reflect this infinite vibration.

There are not many words to discribe how this feels,

Yet the joyous moments ignite my heart.

A heartbeat of love, a precious goodness 

I couldn’t imagine life without friends.

I am wild about my animal friends. They are my teachers who sing their messages.

I am wild about my circle of friends, they share their love that touches my heart.

They live in hope and reveal what matters.

I am wild about my spiritual friends , they are my guides in harmony and peace. 

Friendships have a magic that’s filled with wonder.

I am wild about the caterpillars progressions, reflecting many aspects of life.

Awakening to butter-fly.

Once you realize the light that friends contain.

The essence of love gets better and better…       Heidi Cohen



Thank you my sweet friend for touching all our hearts.

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