Your inner pleasures through sensory awareness

Sensory awareness on the beach.

Sensory awareness on the beach.



Discover the insights and beauty from igniting your heart with sensory awareness.

“The man who views the world at fifty the same as he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of his life” -Muhammad Ali
The style of a fresh perspective appears for the very first time.
Sensory awareness can magnitude our mind and heart becoming one of our most powerful tools in our treasure box.

Recently I was reading, listening many times to the movie Perfect Pitch and researching many ways to activate the heart through the senses. Sometimes we gain new insights when coming upon a saying or song that awakens us like the verse “it feels like the very first time”. I have many heart warming memories stored from, the very first time I experienced something. In exploring the sensory awareness, a new understanding of the collaboration between the heart and our senses brought this powerful synchronicity and relationship to igniting the heart. My message was to Develop mindfulness games that ignite the heart.
“FEELS LIKE THE FIRST TIME”- FOREIGNER ‘s noted lyrics that ignite my heart.

Game One with Sensory Awareness
Tapping the inner pleasures of living in harmony with heart.
It’s time to play with our senses- “as if it feels like the very first time ” Game
Take 5 days using all your senses.

Monday: SMELL
Tuesday: TASTE
Wednesday: TOUCH
Thursday: SOUNDS
Friday: SIGHT


SMELL- Fascinated with the aromas of Italian food and garlic, I decided to make my first Italian recipe learned as a child. Grandma Dorsi’s famous meatballs. Amuse yourself with various herbs and smells, colors textures and how they form unique flavors. Tune into all the smells in the kitchen. Change the direction of your nose by leaving the room, return, breathe in all the italian aromas again with new vivid awareness of smell “as if it feels like the very first time”. With this evidence express from your heart the significance, complexity and positive spin on the smell. Share it with others.

TASTE- Food, and the rich experience of taste. The world offers many unique creative impressions of food. This day I decided to watch the food network as inspiration for Tuesday’s meals. How will the taste impact my heart? The tongue discerns only sweetness, sourness, bitterness, and saltiness. Every other “taste” we smell. When we sip a beverage, the aromas are taken into the back of the throat where they are transmitting the information to the brain as various flavors. The texture also influences its taste and heightens our perception of it. Now we are ready to begin to eat, drink and taste. I started with a roasted veggie frittata. Honestly, “as if it feels like the very first time” the taste spoke in a new voice transforming the silky smooth and rough textures, introducing a heightened awareness of sweet, salt peppery and smoky flavors. What could I add to this meal or experience that brings more pleasures? Mindful observation and loving the precious change in taste. Remember we are experiencing this taste ” as if it feels like the very first time”.

TOUCH- Swim in salt water, the ocean or for me the Gulf of Mexico, but don’t just feel the water on your skin and truly immerse, listen, taste and feel the salty water, the suns warmth on your skin. Just imagine that you’d never been in salt water before. My first time at Jones Beach NY was when I was 5. My sister lifted me over the waves. A large wave came and took us under. I discovered some amazing sea creatures including the starfish. When they lifted me out from the bottom, I wanted to return, It was so beautiful and exciting. I knew another time I would return. Interact here with nature today focusing on the experience and find yourself listening to the wind, touching sounds, smelling and seeing as everything around continues to change. “As if it feels like the very first time”

SOUNDS- Humor, laugh until your belly hurts, then laugh a little more. Purposefully listen. Laughter has the power to alter our minds and heart. Love to laugh, as we learned in Mary Poppins and how it’s nature elevates and uplifts with joy. Seek elevated experiences, watch a comedy, tell a joke, feel the trigger and release allowing ourselves to be touched and moved by the beauty in life. I choose to watch Mary Poppins “as if it feels like the very first time” opening my heart to the sounds of laughter, music and the actors expressive voices. I appreciated with such gratitude the high emotional state of my heart triggered by sounds that make my heart sing.

SIGHT- Be the artist with your eyes. Some artists and historians
express visibly and this day I choose to see creatively like brush stokes of colors, unity and harmony as I look up at the sky. Focus on the inner emotions and expressions on the sky’s scenes and movement. A number of patterns emerge “as if it feels like the very first time”reflecting the light and colors at that moment. Move towards the simplicity of the moment, the clouds changing position, the figure you see in the clouds. The eye is a very important aspect in our sensory keenness.
I met a beautiful woman from Canada today on my walk on the beach. A new door opening our hearts, seeing and feeling the bright blue sky, and feeling the connection.

Fortunately I live close to the beach and decided to give myself a week of watching the sky’s senses unfold in response to new awareness. I became more alive to the visible, audible, sensual emotions with a calm meditative ease. Each day the increased perspective and simplicity transformed made my heart sing. I added the sensation of breath, breathing in deeply too the qualities and characters of each sense.

For mem’ry has painted this perfect day
With colors that never fade,
And we find at the end of a perfect day
The soul of a friend we made. – Carrie Jacobs Bond
Absorb even for a moment the discovery of igniting your heart through your sensory awareness “as if it feels like the very first time”
And it feels like the first time
Like it never did before
Feels like the first time
Like we’ve opened up the door
Feels like the first time -Foreigner
Live in harmony with heart

share your awareness today

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