Your Voice, In harmony with you

The other day, I ocasionally lifted my head while having dinner at the hotel and watching a basketball game, closed captioned.
Words without the voice made me happier and as I jotted down some of these words, my voice was heard. The first words I read were, your voice.

These words provided an honest conversation with myself. Whenever me is presented, my voice appears.

This game had me roundup the words, gathering them together and making one of my favorite new blogs. You can go too far on this radical approach, dipping into your feelings. I recommend adding a bit of sunlight vibrations and ignoring any negitivity. This time I was ready for the spotlight and in those hours welcomed the feeling of real growing. After a battle with the words, new ideas really happened. Someone can prepare before and after the present struggle and despite what happens, it can have some hysterical moments.

They dont see what you see and that is what stirs some aprehension. Can you assist me in sharing your voice by using these words?
Let’s go places together, appreciating t
his year to speak your voice in harmony with you and your heart.
Share your voice.


the words:

 your voice, feelings, before and after, honest, whenever me is presented, ideas really happened, go too far,
real growing, new, ready for the spotlight, despite what happened, radical, aprehension, roundup,they don’t see, ignoring, assist,
happier, the game, start, one of the best, let’s go places, present struggle, the year, closed, recommend, pulling it together



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  1. says:

    Love, hunger ,happiness,longevity, tired, weak in the knees, fulfillment, pressed for time, moving on, shock, recovery, infection, cure, better, smiles, worry, desperate,love, results, anticipation, peace, one more breath, relaxation.more smiles, gratefull, thankful, help, it’s my pleasure,

  2. says:

    My story, your story, unconditional, peaceful easy feeling, high, low, in-between, The bird’s call, flowing, stormy, awakened, thankful, a new day, all brand new, then, now, appreciation, available, open, welcoming, smiling, laughter, forgiveness, stumbling, on the edge, rainy days, patience, warmth, Grace.

    • says:

      Thank you for sharing the melody of your heart. It is fun not watching the television and making your story from the words they speak. The impulse of the heart comes through our words.
      Blessings my friend


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